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Piiano’s groundbreaking data security and privacy solution is about to drop! 

Achieving good privacy workflows doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. With a few friendly APIs and pre-built infrastructure, we help relieve the burden of privacy compliance. Gain back time for other pressing tasks while Piiano does the heavy lifting to safeguard your sensitive customer data, preempt breaches and comply with privacy regulations.

Developers – Studying and implementing privacy is an incredible strain on already limited developer resources. Shave months and years of engineering data protection and privacy with our developer-friendly infrastructure! 

CISO and DPO – Future-proof your enterprise with sensitive data protection and seamlessly comply with evolving privacy regulations as they come into force. Piiano simplifies privacy management by providing infrastructure that encourages organization-wide privacy workflows and a SaaS-like control center for easy oversight.

Why Piiano?

Piiano’s vault and code scanner shift privacy and security left to encourage a collaborative culture between privacy, security and engineering teams. Our infrastructure enables developers to easily embed privacy-by-design and zero-trust architecture into enterprise applications.

You can better protect incoming PII by storing it in one place to gain and maintain control over these critical assets.

The Piiano Vault is an advanced secure storage system designed to safeguard all forms of sensitive data. The vault provides privacy compliance, security, auditing and monitoring functionality while also accommodating CISO/DPO and developer workflows.

The vault simplifies engineering efforts to take charge of security and privacy compliance and automatically provides security and privacy teams with the visibility and controls they need to manage PII across their organization.

Unlike normal databases that store sensitive consumer information, such as PII, in plaintext and without auditing, our vault stores both data encrypted at rest and in use. It also protects data in travel with tokenization and mitigates admin account takeover as well as other security threats—including IDOR and SQLI attacks.

Correcting today’s data sprawl requires us to discover and classify PII first. Piiano’s code scanner locates traces of PII in enterprise code to offer privacy and security teams visibility, management and control over sensitive data.

The code scanner discovers different types of privacy artifacts in the source code. These artifacts include code that processes or accesses PII and SaaS API calls with PII, detecting where PII has bled into logs. Prioritizing your security above all else, it continuously scans your entire code base without the need for production access.

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