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Piiano Vault product roadmap

Get prepared for future changes to Piiano Vault.

These features are planned for future versions of Vault but are subject to change and shift based on feedback from customers and developers.

For our next releases, we plan to add:

Near term - the next few releases

  • IdP integration - IAM role based authentication
  • Official SDKs
  • Storing additional types of information:
    • Documents: Know Your Customer (KYC) related files, financial information, PDF, images, etc.
    • Blobs: opaque data
  • Platform observability
  • Tagging
  • Import/export
  • Customized tokens format

Mid term - the next six months or so

  • Substring queries on encrypted data
  • Encrypt/decrypt as a service, encryption with a per user key
  • Support for semi-structured data
  • Bulk operations over data APIs
  • Compliance service to enable RTBF and DSAR for data outside of Vault
  • HTTP Proxy that can be used to tokenize/detokenize parameters sent to/from REST APIs
  • Piiano hosted Vault
  • Secure enclaves

Long term

  • Synthetic data for staging and testing environment
  • Support for unstructured data

Let us know what you think or if you have any additional ideas or comments, email us

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