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Custom configuration file

Learn how to configure Piiano Vault using custom configuration file.

Vault supports a configuration file in TOML format. The file is called pvault.system.toml and is stored in the Vault working directory or in the folder /etc/pvault. Environment variables, if present, override the corresponding values read from the configuration file.

hostname = "localhost"
name = "pvault"
user = "pvault"
password = "pvault"
port = 5432
reset = false

listen_addr = ""

level = "info"

When installing Piiano Vault server using Docker, you mount a local directory that contains the pvault.system.toml file to the container's directory using:
-v /my/local/vault/config/directory:/etc/pvault.

You can always retrieve the current system configuration by calling GetConfiguration on REST API operation or CLI command.

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