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Retention policies

Vault object is assigned its usage period (active) when it is created see the TTL parameter and its default specification in Add object. An object becomes archived when its active period expires or it is terminated by API or CLI. Furthermore, the termination or expiration of an owner object archives all objects owned by it.

Vault lets you to specify a grace period during which an object remains archived so that it can be reactivated if desired. When the object's grace period expires, it becomes eligible for complete erasure from the Vault. For more information, see the 'archived' state in Object life-cycle.

You can customize the retention policy globally and for the following object types specifically:

  1. Person object. For example, a user record.
  2. Person-data objects. For example, a credit card belonging to a user or a transaction the user has made.
  3. Tokens.

Vault lets you customize the following settings:

  • The default expiration value for new objects in a collection
  • The expiration of an object
  • The grace period for archived objects