What Is a PII Digital Footprint and How to Reduce It

digital footprint

What is a Digital Footprint As individuals, our digital footprint starts when we open our eyes, with sensitive data such as our DOB, full name, and birth certificate stored in the records of a healthcare system we aren’t yet aware of. Over the years, our digital footprint continues to expand to include education, social media, […]

Secure PII from Inevitable Attacks

Secure PII

Cybercrime is more of a threat than ever before. The damages caused by cybercrime in 2021 were estimated at around $6 trillion and are expected to reach $10 trillion by 2025. Cyber-criminal organizations are very well funded and, when persistent, can cause serious harm. Unfortunately, cybercrime has the potential to pay very well, which is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your PII Protection Solution

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Over the last few years, data breaches and the amount of personal information compromised have increased substantially. According to the Identity Theft Research Center, by September of 2021, the number of data breaches exceeded the total number that occurred the year before, in 2020. Another report reveals that reported data breaches in 2021 soared 68% […]

The Black Shadow Case – a Zero Privacy Risk Alternative

black shadow

The Cyberserve breach is ugly. Black Shadow’s latest attack on Israeli software targeted companies holding very personal and highly sensitive information, notably the database of LGBTQ platform Atraf (Israeli equivalent to Tinder/OkCupid for gay people). The resulting data leak exposes health information, including HIV statuses and the sexual orientations of people who haven’t officially come […]