Building vs. Buying a Data Privacy Vault to Protect Sensitive Data

build vs. buy a data privacy vault

As organizations focus on data privacy and security as a core part of their privacy regime, the decision to secure PII, PHI, PCI, and KYC data comes down to either building an in-house solution or buying a vendor solution to meet privacy requirements. The decision must come after considering various factors discussed in this article. […]

The Practical Guide to Privacy by Design Architecture

privacy by design architecture

What does GDPR have to do with me? Today’s most effective, transformative, and enduring innovations in tech are often fueled by the interplay between data and platforms. As this commingling scales with user growth, engineers can find new ways to delight customers. This has been the story of digital growth over the last decade. Privacy […]

Why Developers Should Join the Privacy Round Table

developer and privacy

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘privacy’? Data leaks? Fines? New regulations? How about engineering? That last one raises a lot more eyebrows than we like to see. As discourse around privacy gains momentum, headlines and op-eds have primarily focused on it as a fundamental human right. Today’s privacy narrative is dominated […]

Practical Pseudonymization by Tokenization

Pseudonymization by Tokenization

Data leaks hurt consumers. Though the true number of breaches and compromised data remains unknown, those we know of have compromised billions of records–including highly sensitive customer data. Even the largest corporations with the most competitive security teams have failed to prevent data leaks. Until this is properly addressed, consumers cannot trust enterprises to keep […]