PII by Design from Engineering
to Governance

Pioneering data privacy engineering to secure and control PII,
with infrastructure for developers and governance for CISOs.

Shift Your Organization’s Privacy Mindset and Workflow

Create a culture and infrastructure of privacy and security, starting with developers, that prioritizes PII and secures privacy across your organization.

Partition PII and
Pseudonymize Data

Create a centralized, secure PII zone, accessible only to you within your cloud environment by deploying the Piiano Vault to preempt data breaches while continuously deploying privacy best practices.

Gain and Stay in Control
Over Sensitive Personal Data

Govern all PII interactions with advanced policy controls, encryption, tokenization and a privacy-centric code scanner for unparalleled access visibility.

Future-Proof Your
Enterprise to Comply With
Any Privacy Regulation

Comply with GDPR, CCPA and all other privacy regulations by centralizing data to easily implement privacy-by-design, pseudonymization, the right to be forgotten (RTBF) and data subject access requests (DSAR).

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